First Buddhist Temple with a Stupa in Moscow

The Project involves the  construction of the First Buddhist Temple with a Stupa in Moscow.


The role of Buddhism in Moscow is of vital and positive importance, strengthening the spirit of peace and mutual understanding among different cultures, religious and social groups. In the relevant regions of Russia – Tuva, Buryatia, Kalmykia – Buddhism is a core of culture and it makes special contribution to the development of national identity with regard to a distinctive character of the native population. Orthodoxy has a particular role in the history of Russia, in the evolvement and development of its spirituality and culture.

The Buddhist Temple Complex – in some words a unigue one – should become as well as a religious object, a Center of social, cultural, research and publishing life (named  “The Cultural-and-Educational Center”) which is functioning for the benefit of cooperation between the representatives of different nationalities and confessions. All activities of the Buddhist Temple Complex will be focused on creating a high moral and spiritual culture of the followers.

The Cultural-and-Educational Center will comprise a conference-hall, a library, as well as a charitable cafeteria, a medical center and a smaller temple for enshrinement of the holy relics.

The Buddhist Temple Complex will be located near the existing Orthodox Church with a Chapel, the Muslim Mosques and the Jewish Synagogue, thus, completing the Russian Religions Complex.


Area of construction site 1186.5 m2
Total maximum area 2 875.5 m2
 including the areas of:
Prayer rooms 600.6 m2
Conference-hall 293.9 m2 Medical center 334.6 m2
Library 222.2 m2 Charitable cafeteria 471.4 m2

Temple complex project

The Moscow Buddhist Society has performed a wide scope of works for implementation and coordination of the whole Project having filed all applications for obtaining the Building Construction Permission for the Buddhist Temple with a Stupa in Moscow to be built at: Moscow, Novovladykinsky Proezd, ow. 15.

Order of the Mayor of Moscow dated 26.10.2000 № 1117-РМ «On construction of the Buddhist Temple on the site located at Novovladykinsky Proezd, 15 in the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow» has become a basic document for drafting permission documentation. Contract of Lease № М-02-510122, dated 6.09.2004, was signed on the basis of this Order.

In 2005, the Moscow Buddhist Society managed to increase the territory of the construction almost twice, therefore, Order of the Government of Moscow dated 28.12.2005 № 1109-PP «On amendments and additions to the Order of the Mayor of Moscow dated 26 October, 2000 № 1117-РМ» was issued with the following amendments in clause 1.1: «To permit the Moscow Buddhist Society to construct the Buddhist Temple at the address: Novovladykinsky Proezd, ow.15, of the total maximum area of 3,000 sq.m (including the construction site of 2,100 sq.m.) on the surface area of 0.6027 ha».

Along with the above-mentioned papers, the pre-Project and Project documentation has been developed. The scope of the Project documentation has been elaborated by the LLC “Personal Creative Workshop of Architect Tereshkin P.G.” under the guidance of Architect Tereshkin P.G.

On October 1st, 2014, the Moscow Buddhist Society obtained Building Construction Permission № RU77175000-010023.

Currently the Moscow Buddhist Society holds negotiations with potential sponsors. The Contractor has been determined and the “Preliminary” stage of construction works is being finished.

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