Questions and Answers

What is the role of the Moscow Buddhist Society in the construction of the Temple Complex?

The Moscow Buddhist Society has initiated the Project for construction of the Temple Complex. The Project of construction of the First Buddhist Temple Complex was supported by the Government of Moscow, I. Kobzon (Deputy of the State Duma, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the construction of the Buddhist Temple) and the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

Are the Buddhist Temple Complex and the Buddhist Temple the same?

The construction of the Buddhist Temple Complex is supposed to be carried out in stages. First of all, the building of the Small Temple and the Stupa of Enlightenment will be erected. As donations are received, the second stage will be implemented – the construction of the main three-story building of the Buddhist Temple. All three buildings (the main Temple, the Small Temple and the Stupa) shall compose the Buddhist Temple Complex in Otradnoe.

Why is a Buddhist temple built in Moscow?

Buddhism is one of the oldest world religions and one of the traditional religions of the Russian Federation. Today, Buddhism in Russia is on the rise, Buddhist societies are being established, temples are being restored and constructed. It has long been a tremendous need for the construction of a Buddhist temple in the capital of the Russian Federation – the city of Moscow, such a temple that can be visited by believers of all approaches in Buddhism.

What practical purposes does this Project pursue?

The first Buddhist Temple in Moscow is destined to become a meeting place and a place for cooperation of various Buddhist schools for the benefit of Russia, for the sake of strengthening the spiritual fundamentals of our society. In addition to spiritual practice, it is planned to hold seminars, deliver lectures, arrange exhibitions, conferences, festivals, concerts, other creative Buddhist-related events in the Temple Complex.

How does the Project harmonize with the surroundings of Otradnoe?

The site for the construction of the first Buddhist Temple is located at Novovladykinsky Proezd, ow.15. The Temple will be located near the existing Orthodox church, mosque and synagogue, which will be a logical addition to the existing temple complex of world religions in Moscow. This complex is surrounded with a parkland, which is preserved owing to the initiative of residents and the district administration.

How can be funds for such a Project raised?

The Project is charitable. It is conceived, created and is being implemented solely on the donations of all the people and organizations who are not indifferent to the future of this unique Project. Therefore, its successful implementation depends on all of us! We will be very grateful for any financial or other assistance for the Project!

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