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Stages of building the First Buddhist Temple with a Stupa in Moscow

Always be aware of the Project progress on the first Buddhist temple with a Stupa in Moscow is the essential desire of everyone who is assisting in the Project promotion. However, not all of us have an opportunity of visiting the construction site to monitor the stages of work, especially when it comes to the outermost districts of Moscow.

Especially for you we have created a section of the website “Project progress”, for the purpose of presentation the current photos from the construction site of the Temple complex. This page is updated regularly by us, so you can be aware of the work, even without visiting the construction site.

9) 1.06.2015. The “Preliminary” stage is finished

On June 1st 2015, the “Preliminary” stage of the construction is being finished: the construction area is surrounded by the fence, the construction roads are allocated, the applications and materials for first-running works are provided.

Photo-gallery, 01.06.2015

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8) 15.05.2015. A special event dedicated to the opening of the Buddhist Temple with a Stupa construction took place in Otradnoe

On May 15, 2015 a special event dedicated to the opening of the Buddhist Temple with a Stupa construction took place in Otradnoe. The Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow Buddhist Society, I.D. Kobzon, Head of the Department for relations with religious organizations of Moscow Government K.L. Blazhenov, the Chairperson of the Moscow Buddhist Society D.Sh. Shagdarova, and other members of the Board of Trustees, representatives of the Moscow Buddhist community and mass media participated in the symbolic opening of the Temple construction.


7) 9.04.2015 г. The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow Buddhist Society took place

During the meeting issues on the fund raising and the steps of the Stupa and the Small Temple (an auxiliary building) construction, as well as the Main building of the Temple and the fence construction have been discussed.


6) 19.02.2015 г. An opening ceremony of the “Paradise Pagoda” with a prayer wheel in the place of the Buddhist Temple construction took place in Otradnoe.

The Pagoda construction was accomplished within the “Cultural centers” Federal Program of the United Russia party. Ambassadors from Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanma, Sri Lanka and from Russian republics Tuva, Kalmykia and Buryatia, in which Buddhism is traditionally practiced, participated in the opening ceremony of the “Paradise Pagoda”. Note: Prayer wheels have tightly closed scrolls with prayers. It is considered that one rotation of the prayer wheel with heavenly thoughts is equivalent to saying aloud millions of prayers placed inside the wheel. The prayer wheel brings pacification and peace to the people’s hearts and extends harmony to the world around.

5) 1.10.2014 г. Building Construction Permission is obtained

On October 1, 2014, the Moscow Buddhist Society obtained Building Construction Permission №RU77175000-010023.


4) 27.12.2013 г. Expert Conclusions are obtained

Positive Conclusion № 2-1-1-0059-13 of non-state expert appraisal for compliance with town-planning and technical regulations, a development plan for a land plot, national standards, technical standards, the project assignment, results of engineering survey was obtained on December 27, 2013.


3) 18.04.2013 г. Urban Development Plan is obtained

Our organization has obtained Urban Development Plan of the Land of Plot № RU 77-175000-006683 dated 18.04.2013 approved by the Order of the Committee for architecture and urban construction of the City of Moscow. The Urban Development Plan for the Site is a type of documentation for planning the territory.
The plan is provided to the developer by authorities and actually means an approval for main project decisions and gives an opportunity to manage any further actions for implementation of the investment Project.


2) 2005. Rituals for successful construction of the Temple with a Stupa

For the Goodness of the Temple with a Stupa

In October 2005, His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche conducted a special Buddhist ceremony in the place of construction of the Temple and the Stupa:

  • The ritual of consecration of land
  • The ritual of elimination of obstacles
  • The ritual of laying the Earth Essence Vessels

The sequential performing of these ceremonies is an ancient Buddhist tradition when constructing religious objects and it leads to the harmony and friendly sympathy towards the future Temple and the Stupa.


Taking the Earth

The integral worldview of Buddhism is penetrated with ideas of spiritual ecology and the desire of bringing goodness to all living creatures. In the beginning of any action related to the construction, the ceremony of taking the earth is performed. Its meaning is in invoking The Goddess of the Earth (Tibetan Saiiy Lhamo), drafting Her image in a strictly defined special place – the center of the proposed structure, and ritual digging the earth, so as not to harm it, as the earth is the flesh of this Goddess. The ceremony is followed by offerings and obsecration of the Goddess.


Suppression of the Negative Forces

The ceremony of suppression of negative forces is performed according to the Zhang Ter tradition of “Northern Treasures.” During the three-day ceremony which includes prayers, invocations, offerings, reciting the sacred words of Buddha, all forces being hostile towards living creatures and causing harm, sending diseases, causing wars and conflicts, do surrender and drive away by the power of Truth of the Commandments of Buddha, the Awakened Blessed. As a result, the Stupa shall provide protection and strength, bringing peace and happiness to all beings, near and far, carrying the blessing of this ceremony.

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Laying Vessels of the Earth Essence

During this ceremony, the Vessels up-front filled with holy texts, incenses, images of Divines, medicines, etc. are placed into the ground on four sides of the proposed building, thus, carrying the blessing that removes all obstacles in the construction, provides for the long life of the building and protects it in the future. They also lead to the harmony and friendly attitude towards the future of the Buddhist Temple and the Stupa.

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1) 2002. The Foundation Stone Laying

The Foundation Stone Laying of the future Buddhist Temple took place on the site allotted by the Government of Moscow in the Northern-East District, Otradnoe, in 2002.